Conquer your energy through the power of your mind

Ololu is the Náhuatl (the language of the Aztecas/Toltecas) word for “collecting”; in OLOLU you will realize why is it, that picking up the energy you scattered in the past, makes you strong enough to be yourself, not who the others consider you should be. Through the experience, I learnt that the results are amazing, by applying a persistent, continuous effort and combining the next elements: the use of your masculine mind (conscious and rational), your feminine mind (subconscious and emotional), the exotic theory of Quantum Physics, and the intriguing worldview that my ancient Aztecas/Toltecas had about our energetic role in this vast Universe.

Throughout the program you will apply the learned concepts every day and direct your efforts and energy on being with your true love. You will elevate your consciousness and be able to find your own answers. Eventually, you will create your own theory, one that completely satisfies your intellect and emotions, if OLOLU does not.



Cut links and retrieve your energy

My ancient Aztecas/Toltecas knew that everybody and everything in the Universe is energy; we all receive it from our Creator at the moment of birth, no matter how you choose to call your Creator. But because of our interactions with other people, we gradually lose that energy and at the same time, we contaminate ourselves with energy that does not belong to us: we accumulate it and take it upon our shoulders. The strongest exchanges of energy are due to our sexual encounters and to materialize our dream of being with our right romantic partner, we must first purify ourselves and go back to the full energetic state, as when we were born.

Mékatl: the Náhuatl word for “strand, link, connection”. You will gain an awareness of your own energy; you will understand why you must break your links with the persons of your past, even if you don’t have no contact with them anymore; you will know how to return them their energy; you will recover your perfect energetic state, and as a consequence of this ancestral purifying process, you will experience astounding results directly in yourself and in your romantic life.

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You are neve alone: your double has your back

Eluayótl (in Náhuatl) means “soul” and I find no more suitable word to refer to your quantic double, your energetic double. My Aztecas/Toltecas already knew the double. For them, the energetic double is the mean through which we access high levels of awareness; it is because our double that we can recapitulate our energy. As it is a purely energetic being, it has no mass, which enables it to travel -as stablished by the Quantum Physics- as fast or even faster as light. Some theoretical physicists have suggested the existence of particles that travel faster than light, which opens the door to the time travel. This property allows your double to access the infinite possibilities and bring you just the best of them to your intersection time-space, as long as you know how to direct it.

ELUAYÓTL is oriented to introduce you to the concept of your quantic double and parallel universes (or multiverse). You will learn that time is nothing but an illusion; you will notice the importance of monitoring your thinking; you will know how to ask your double to bring you the best solution in every situation of your life. Through our guided meditation you will be able to really feel that force within you and make it part of your own being.

Through a guided meditation, you will be able to feel its presence in you and make it part of your own conscious being.

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Either if you are willing to be part of a group coaching, or you prefer to have 1:1 sessions, our programs are designed to teach you how to use your mind in a proper way. You will open your mind to embrace and manage your own energy, with the intention of cutting the past links you have built with others and set you free; this will allow you move toward your desire of materializing the romantic partner you want, in a wise, conscious way. Finally, the freedom, the faith and the confidence that you will develop, will produce amazing results in your life.

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My mission is simple: to make you aware of the tools you already own to create in you, the proper mental, emotional and energetic state, that will enable you to find the best romantic partner. Free download

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