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I enjoy working with men and women, of all countries; people who are open to accept their own responsibility in their lives, willing to learn a distinct way of thinking and feeling, interested in experiencing exotic theories as Quantum Physics and ancient Aztecs worldview.

My clients are serious about finding the right partner, that means, they are active persons, not waiting for things to happen, but pursuing their dream. They are open to reframe their ideas of the Universe and our energetic role in it. They invest time, effort and money to improve themselves with the goal of living their ideal romance, that is, they will pay the price to achieve high levels of success.

Very important: my clients are high integrity people, not interested in hurting others.



If you have experienced some level of sadness, frustration, loneliness, anger, sometimes despair, while looking for your beautiful romance. If you want to trust and talk to somebody who has lived the same as you. If you are ready to accept a new perspective of your search, by gaining a new awareness to identify and break your blocking issues towards your beautiful romance, you are in the right place.

Let’s start
materializing your
desires and shifting
your reality!

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My mission is simple: to make you aware of the tools you already own to create in you, the proper mental, emotional and energetic state, that will enable you to find the best romantic partner. Free download

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